Owncloud implementation

Looking to add owncloud but cant decide how to implement it.
I've come up with 3 possibilities
1) run server on a Ubuntu
2) use unraid and a owncloud docker
3) use freenas

Going to have webaccess and about 60 people using it(laptops and smartphones).Prob just going to throw it on an old server i have lying around(r710 or som)

Are there any benefits having on Ubuntu vs on a unraid/freenas config or is it all about the same thing.

Never used unraid before but seems simple enough. Have limited experiences with freenas.

any input on deciding which is best method.

One good tip with all Linux systems: Use the system you are most familiar with.

If you choose Ubuntu, take 16.04 which comes with php7.0 and new enough releases for the caching modules. If you run it for so many users on a machine, you probably have to do some tuning of the caching- processes and you database.

I've had instances before on digitalocean which would be a similar experience to using unraid since they use docker.

Is there a correct upgrade procedure for docker images? Just verify how you'd run such an upgrade.

Personally, I would go for a standard ubuntu install. Many people use this and that is an advantage if you are looking for help. But I don't really know the other options.

thanks, I'll prob use ubunut. havent used it in a year or two but im sure it'll come back to me