ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.10 packs major UI improvements

The major improvement in ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.10 concerns the browser interface. With ownCloud Web 4.0, users get a number of new capabilities such as search right in the file view and a helpful context menu featuring right-click access.

The 11th Tech Preview on ownCloud Infinite Scale also improves the login in a few ways, for instance by making the login page more accessible.

For a full picture, please read the release notes and the changelog on GitHub.

The ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview release 1.10 also contains improvements to the ownCloud Web interface already shipped with ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.9, but not yet announced on ownCloud Central. Those include the image preview capability for the sidebar on the right, the option to toggle visibility for hidden files and a new feedback button. For more information, please read the changelog and release notes for ownCloud Infinite Scale Tech Preview release 1.9.

Check out the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.10 Tech Preview release and learn more about installing it. ownCloud Web is available as an extension for ownCloud 10 instances, with ownCloud Web 4.0 already available in the ownCloud Marketplace.

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