ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.12 brings new backend capabilities and UX improvements

The thirteenth Tech Preview on ownCloud Infinite Scale brings the groundwork for ownCloud’s upcoming Spaces feature and improvements to design and usability.

The backend
On the backend side, ownCloud Infinite Scale now has the first capabilities needed for a new feature Spaces that we will unveil soon. To make integrations with viewer and editor applications easier, the backend now has an app provider and an app registry.

The frontend
As ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.12 packs ownCloud Web 4.2, it comes with a redesigned sharing role selection. The view of the people a file or folder is shared with now shows a collapsed list of avatars that can be expanded on demand. The details view or files and folders now displays sharing information. ownCloud Web now calculates files sizes according to base-10 as kB (Kilobyte) to better align with user expectations. There now even is a robots.txt!

Check out the new ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.12 Tech Preview release and learn more about installing it. ownCloud Web is available as an extension for ownCloud 10 instances, with ownCloud Web 4.2 already available in the ownCloud Marketplace.