ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.14 progress on backend for 'Spaces' and 'Quota' features. ownCloud Web 4.4.0 received improvements on performance and usability

The most prominent changes in ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.14.0 and ownCloud Web 4.4.0 comprise:

  • The media viewer in ownCloud Web is now accessible and themeable. web#5900
  • The share expiration date setting has been moved to a dropdown menu to better fit the interface. web#5806
  • The performance of ownCloud Web has been improved by removing unnecessary requests and redirects. web#5910 web#5893 web#5917
  • It is now possible for the sysadmin to set a default quota for new Spaces. This way, users with the respective permission can create new Spaces but administrators still keep a leverage on storage usage. ocis#2619
  • The permission to change Space quota is now enforced. ocis#2650
  • The maximum chunk size for upload file chunking has been set to 100 MB which will make chunking apply more frequently resulting in more stable uploads. ocis#2584
  • It is now possible to set a default storage path for Infinite Scale. ocis#2590
  • Infinite Scale services now by default only listen on localhost to prevent accidental exposure. ocis#2612
  • A capability for the user settings endpoint has been added to improve request handling in Web between when used with ownCloud Classic and Infinite Scale, respectively. ocis#2655
  • Requests in public links are now authenticated properly paving the way for Office capabilities in public links. ocis#2536

You can also read the full ownCloud Infinite Scale changelog and ownCloud Web changelog for further details on what has changed.

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