Owncloud infinite scale on Podman or Docker?

Hello, this sounds like a very exciting development and I’m keen to have a look at infinite scale Owncloud. I have just set up a Fedora Server ( fedora 33 ) and am wondering if Infinite scale will run using podman or do I specifically need Docker?
Being a noob to containers I don’t know a great deal about them and this is an ideal opportunity to learn.

EDIT; Yep, it runs using podman… as far as I can see you just substitute docker with podman in the commands. However my login page for owncloud is blank, any ideas on that?

Thanks for any assistance.
Regards Peter.


Did you manage to get it running?
i’m trying to get OCIS & Onlyoffice running with podman.
I manage to run OCIS just fine but if i add onlyoffice i fail.