ownCloud Infinite Scale: Tech Preview released!

Here it is: the ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.0.0 Tech Preview!

ownCloud Infinite Scale is the new ownCloud, the secure cloud native solution for your file access requirements. Written in Go, built in a three-tier microservice architecture. It is the most easy-to-use and most easy-to-deploy ownCloud ever, as it comes as a platform-independent binary and requires neither Apache nor a database nor PHP dependencies.

Our goal in developing the new ownCloud is infinite scale, hence the name. Infinite scale means an infinite number of files, users and machines as well as infinite file sizes. Some globally well-known research institutions are involved in the creation of ownCloud Infinite Scale, making sure it extends their capabilities as it will yours by delivering unparalleled scale.

Be warned - ownCloud Infinite Scale is not yet ready for productive use yet. There be dragons. You might lose data if you use it for anything other than testing and experimentation. Nevertheless, we’re very happy with the progress so far, with the performance that 1.0.0 already delivers and are looking forward to your feedback, ideas and contributions!

Learn more: https://owncloud.com/news/owncloud-infinite-scale-1-0-tech-preview/
How to install: https://owncloud.com/news/howto-install-owncloud-infinite-scale-tech-preview/ (or use docker)