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Hello, After setting up Ubuntu Server 18.04, Apache2, MySQL and PHP 7.2 and SSH Server, I am about to install OwnCloud Server and have need to discuss a couple of points before starting. Firstly this is being setup as a Family Cloud Server for three (3) members who will each have their own HDD on this machine to store critical items (Docs and photos, etc). At this stage I have two (2) questions:: 1) As my ISP Cannot/Willnot provide me with a Static Public IP for this machine, I am investigating what other means there are for each member to gain access to their individual drives. At the moment I am considering DDNS with No IP. com Free. Can you please advise me of other methods that could work, preferably for Free. 2/ Can you please advise on how three (3) Individual HDDs can be set up and accessed by each individual. That is enough for now. Thank You

If you already have a domain, you could try to move your DNS zone to a provider which offers API access (I guess most of them do nowadays) and script your own little dynamic DNS solution. All you need is some bash scripting knowledge and curl.
Otherwise I think noip is the best solution out there, but my experience is that they’ll always try to get you to pay for their service.

Not sure where your problem is here. Mount them inside your system, create a folder inside your mountpoint accessible to the web servers Linux user (www-data) and mount those folders for the different users: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.2/admin_manual/configuration/files/external_storage/local.html

Let me know should you have any further questions.

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just to add an extra to @eneubauer’s answer which is already fine, I wouldn’t use one HDD per user if it’s so critical, if each HDD is the same size (even though not mandatory) I would go with some RAID (here’s a useful calculator) or maybe ZFS. And of course backups ! If it’s a matter of size per user, ownCloud has quota supports.
Good luck.

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Thank you enebauer for the advice offerred - will give it consideration as I advance. Cheers

Thank you cs35 for this advice and the calculator. Cheers