Owncloud installed on personal laptop by employer-can there be personal space violation somehow?


As a freelancer I recently stated with a small company as consultant, where the admin installed Owncloud on “my personal laptop” which I enables me to access their assigned work related folders.

My question is how safe is my laptop in terms of my personal space protection when I am not working?

  1. What level of access will their admin team have access to my laptop? Will my personal files be vulnerable to their scans/access by any chance? - When I am on their network and also when I am at home working.

  2. When at home while personal surfing, will my employer still be able to track my activity on my personal laptop when I am not logged to ownCloud-but since its installed & likely its collecting logs ?
    How about when by chance if I forget to logoff from cloud & surf from home?

Great if get clarification from experts.
Thanks in advance


i think your employer just had installed the ownCloud sync client on your laptop? If this is the case then i don’t think that the employer / admin team has any access to your data on your laptop at all as long as you don’t configure any of your local files to be uploaded to the ownCloud server of your employer.

Thank you for clarifying Tom!