Owncloud Intergation with exsternal freenas storage

Good Day

I have implemented owncloud version 10.04 for a customer.

Then intergrated the owncloud server with an external freenas storage.

I enabled the smb share on the freenas storage.

On the freenas storage we have 6.8 TB of data.

The data sync worked for months and now it gives me three errors.
Locked files
Not all data sync between the server and the clients

The Question that I have is that what sharing does owncloud prefer to intergrate with freenas.


If SMB is proven to be not the preferred integration protocol please let me know.

Thanks in Advance


Locked files looks like file locking error.

Have you redis or memcache enabled?


Good Day

I have installed and configed it last week.

How can I resolve the locked files before the redis install


I think this should be updated ASAP to 10.0.8 .

Good Day Tom

What will be the best upgrade process.



Hey, i think this depends how you have installed ownCloud. But a look at the documentation probably could give you some hints: