OwnCloud ISO file for VMWare


I am looking for a link to download the ISO file for VMWare. Can someone please send me a link?



this is the link for the appliance for VMWare



Thanks. I have already installed owncloud on the VMWare but need to reinstall the ISO again.

I have installed owncloud to our VMware which manages all our company servers. I have downloaded the OwnCloud desktop app and it says to enter the server address. So I added the OwnCloud IP address which shows on our VMware but it dosent recognise that host, could you help me with this. I thought I try adding the ISO file again.


Have you tried the IP address of the VM/owncloud?

Yes, error message appears saying it failed to connect.

Would you be able to help me with this?

can you ping the address from the machine with the client?

I am right now :slight_smile:

Not sure how to go about that. I have entered the OwnCloud IP address into the browser and it says Site cant be reached. I'm assuming this is why the desktop app cannot connect to server.

Is it ok if I can speak with you over the phone if your based in UK, makes it a lot easier

I am not.

Okay, lets start from the beginning.

You have a computer, and VMWare is your virtualizer of choice. You could also get VirtualBox but okay.

You have downloaded and installed the "ownCloud Appliance" and now want to connect a desktop client with it.

First question - is this a local installation? Are the Computer with the VirtualMachine and the Computer with the Desktop Client in the same network?

Second question - is your ownCloud Virtual Machine set to Bridged Mode? If yes, it will get a normal local IP from the router and you can access it. It should look like or
Then you would just have to enter in your desktop client and you could use ownCloud.

I would recommend switching to Virtual Box because I have little knowledge of how VMWare works.

Edit: also here is a good manual:


Yep that's all done. It is a local address. Everything is all done but the IP dosent load.

Our company manages all its servers through VMWare so wont be able to change unfortunatly

Okay, are you on a windows or mac or linux machine right now?

Yep running windows but the owncloud is Linux on the VMware.

And you want to setup the Desktop Client on our windows machine and connect it to the VMWare ownCloud, right?

Can you open the Terminal, on windows 10 just click on the windows logo and type "terminal"

Then type "ping" change the IP address to your actual IP address of the ownCloud server

See if you can reach the Server. If yes - we can continue, if no - you have network connectivity issues that are unrelated to ownCloud.


On the desktop app the first thing it asks on the installation is the Server Address? what address is it, because everything ive tried dosent seem to work

The Address of your ownCloud Server.

If you installed it on a virtual machine - it's the ip/owncloud or domainname/owncloud

It has to be reachable from your windows pc

Hi, I have tried that but it says "Timeout while trying to connect to OwnCloud..."

I would advise you to check your installation and network connectivity.

Can you ping the owncloud server from the pc with your desktop client?

Is owncloud properly installed?

Can you access owncloud from the Virtual Machine?

Is the web Server running?

Is SSL enabled?

It is working perfectly fine online. I can login and everything. How can I check SSL?

are you accessing it via HTTPS or HTTP or IP?

using IP address to access it

Then you are not using SSL.

Is VMWare running on your local Machine or have you a VMWare installation somewhere in the company or hosted somewhere?