ownCloud Joining Forces with Kiteworks

Hey folks,

These are very exciting times for ownCloud with the merging of ownCloud into Kiteworks, which delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through customer-enabled Private Content Networks (PCNs). Kiteworks also announced that it is merging in DRACOON, based in Regensburg, Germany. Please read more details on the news here: ownCloud becomes part of Kiteworks - ownCloud.

This strategic move holds great opportunities for ownCloud and its customers and partners. ownCloud’s open-source users and contributors can expect continuity in terms of access to knowledge and support that you’ve come to expect from ownCloud. ownCloud will continue to support the open-source community, and ownCloud and Infinite Scale will continue under the same open-source licenses. ownCloud’s open-source strategy plans to remain the same, as Kiteworks values and appreciates the huge commitment of the open-source community.

Beyond the community aspect, all customers should be as excited as us about Kiteworks’ global reach and capabilities, which provide ownCloud with expanded use cases and market penetration.

These are great times for ownCloud and the ownCloud community. We look forward to what the joining of the three companies—us, DRACOON, and Kiteworks—means to the future of global data protection and risk management.

You can find more information on the ownCloud website ownCloud becomes part of Kiteworks - ownCloud



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