ownCloud just for my family

is there a free version just to build a cloud only for me and my family (3 or 4 accounts)?
PrivatCloud reads like to be exact this, but what Version do I have to download to really get a free Version? And where do I find this download?


you could perfectly build a cloud just for your family with ownCloud.

Either use a local server or a hosted one.

For further assistance please consider looking in the documentation:


I considered the documentation. But there is no advice where and what version to download in order to build a free familiy owncloud ..... :rage: :cry:

You are correct. There isn't.

But "free family ownCloud" is not really a common category, that's why there is no dedicated guide for it in the official documentation.

There is however a complete guide on how to install ownCloud:


If it's to technical for you, or does not meet the requirements you have, feel free to ask a specific question and I will try to provide a good answer or you can also look for a guide in Google. ownCloud is a popular product and there are many guides of different usages of ownCloud for readers with few or no technical knowledge.

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You can choose between a docker instance or packages for different distributions. How do you want to install ownCloud?