OwnCloud LDAP connection

Just installed Ubuntu 16.04 Server + Apache2 + MariaDB + Owncloud
Logged in as admin.
Settings - users authentification - LDAP.
Server addr -
User name - ownadm
Password - ******
DN search - auto - dc=mara,dc=local
OK Found over 1000 records.
Next step - Users.
Object class - user
Only from this groups - disabled (allways disabled)
Change LDAP query to - (&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=cn=owncloud,ou=groups,ou=mara,
dc=mara,dc=local)) and whatever else. Allways when i press "check settings" i see - Cant automaticaly search for users attributs containing shown user name (sorry for my english).

Please, fill the issue template and provide as much information as needed. This isn't enough information to know what is happening.