Owncloud login logo


I am currently creating a custom theme for my ownCloud X.
But I am struggling with the size of the login logo.
I’d like to make it a bit bigger…
As you can see on my home page https://cloud.scoutsvirton.be it is a bit small compared to the boxes bellow.

Many thanks

You can increase the value of #header .logo 's background-size attribute. Looks like currently it is 175px. You can see how will it looks like with 300px in below:

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Thanks, it worked fine.

Do you know if it is possible to add a image in the background of the files table ?


You are able to add a css file. Just look at the related html element and set a background image in your custom css file. That’s all I can say.


Hi Emile,

can you help me with same!

I created Owncloud VM on Azure with Cent Os and added to my Subdomain : - http://oncloud.reverieinc.com/

I would like to change theme for my login page with something with my company name.

Kindly help me.


you might want to have a look at the documentation, where there are directives how to use your own logos and how to override names, slogans, and URLs:


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