Owncloud MDM (Airwatch) Configuration Strings



Does anyone know what the configuration strings are for MDM software to push the configuration settings to the App?

Example: ServerUrl, Username, Password?

I would like it do that Airwatch can push the settings so that I nor the user has to enter it manually.



@charles.bragg, that's not possible right now. Some settings may be preset before building the apps, such as the server url ; but there is no way to send dynamic configurations.



I will look into compiling with the server url.


In Android, take a look to the file 'res/values/setup.xml' in the 'android' module. There is an empty element named "server_url" that you can modify including your server URL in the body. Additionally, you might be interested in modifying the element named "show_server_url_intput" to "false"; that will prevent that the server URL is shown in the login view to the users, and they will not be able to change it.

Hope that helps.


It does...
I have done android programming before so that should not be a problem for that Platform.

Any advise or pointers on the IOS side?

I will be looking into the same thing on the IOS side.


@charles.bragg For custom URL on iOS you can check Customization.h file https://github.com/owncloud/ios/blob/master/Owncloud%20iOs%20Client/Branding/Customization.h#L29


Thanks again for all your help.


Hi Charles
Did you ever manage to configure your ownCloud client from AirWatch MDM ?
I am deploying the ownCloud client via Meraki MDM and would really appreciate if I could also define server, username and password from MDM.

best regards
Søren Dahl


No I was not able to. After days of search i eventually gave up and decided that when I get time I am going to attempt to recompile the IOS App and hard code my server address in there and just have the users enter their username and password.. The Server Url is the most important thing as the users typically dont remember what that is.

If you do find a solution please share as this is still not resolved.


Have you used OwnCloud on an iMac with Airwatch? I have it on both iPad and iMac both with Airwatch but on the iMac OwnCloud disconnects and stays disconnected as soon as you enroll. I haven't been able to figure out why and Airwatch support hasn't helped much either.


Nope.. I use it on iPads and PCs with Airwatch.

The only problem I have is the blue circle getting stuck next to some documents which causes us to have to delete from device and redownload a new copy.. But I dont think that is an issue with Airwatch but a bug in Owncloud with IOS.