Owncloud Modification Date

we have a rather simple matter:
We have a customer who wishes to use an Owncloud but the customer has one problem with the whole Owncloud.

Allow me to quote:
“It must be possible to change how the timestamp in the user view is displayed. The “a week ago” makes the whole thing useless.”
Naturally, I took the freedom to remove the insults.

As we can make a custom theme for Owncloud it should be possible to solve that in the opinion of my boss and the customer.

Wasn’t it even possible to edit the templates in the Theme before?
At least I think it should be possible or do we need to develop an APP for this?


this is a forum from users for users.

If you have customers and have feature requests - consider buying the support subscription.

PS. Thanks for taking the time removing the insults :slight_smile:

Best Regards