Owncloud Moving Files

We dont allow users to delete files but they can “move” them to other directories. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this where the only way they can “move” the files is by copying the file and adding it to another location. Is there a way to just move the file without having to copy it to the new location instead of copying the file?

You can move around files via drag & drop.

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So even if the user has the no delete they can drag and drop?

I don’t know, as I don’t restrict my users in such a way.

Depending on if you are moving a file from one filesystem to another or within the same filesystem the move function is going to be implemented differently. In the first case it will have to copy and delete and in the latter it can actually just change the path. ownCloud basically always assumes worst case scenario as it is unaware about the underlying filesystem. Therefore no delete → no move.

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