Owncloud mp4 not playing in safari

Dear Community,

I have uploaded a .mp4 video. Now, this plays on all browsers: epic, chrome, and firefox; but not safari. Why would a mp4 video not play? it just stays indefinently on the loading.


i did the following search:


and found the following documentation which has a blue box which describes that video playback seems to depend on the support provided by the browser:


@tom42 Indeed that makes sense, Safari does support MP4 now. Alternatively, what can be done to ensure support?


i think this could be a question you need to direct to your browser vendor.

As in can’t we maybe change the player OwnCloud uses or install an app for this?


if understand the linked documentation and the referenced link within it correctly “MP4” is a container format which can contain various different video and audio formats. And if your browser doesn’t support that specific format the video can’t be played.

This could also explain why all browsers expect safari can’t play the video, it might just not support the video format included within the MP4.

Safari is one that cannot.