ownCloud Music app translations


I’m authoring the ownCloud Music app which is translated in Transifex as part of the ownCloud project. The problem is that the translation template has not been updated on Transifex for more than a year. I tried to update it manually with tx push -s but apparently I didn’t have needed permissions.

Yesterday, I asked about this on #owncloud-dev irc channel and jvillafanez activated the nightly sync task for the application. This, however, made the things even worse: now majority of the previously available translation keys have vanished from Transifex. Previously, there were 35 strings and now there are only 14. There’s supposed to be 71 strings in total.

I assume that this happens because the majority of the translations of the Music app are implemented using angularjs gettext library. Hence, the l10n.pl read normally used to extract the localization strings does not find them. The right way to extract localization strings on the Music app is to run make l10n-extract in the music/build folder. The equivalent of l10n.pl write, on the other hand, is make l10n-compile.

I guess there are more than one possible ways to fix the situation. If it’s difficult to support non-standard translation mechanism on the nightly sync, I would be perfectly happy updating the .pot file manually to Transifex. I would just need means to do that.

Ping @DeepDiver1975 as that’s what jvillafanez suggested.


We need to adopt the sync job - @tboerger can take care … THX


@tboerger When could this happen? If not within this week, then could the nightly syncing be maybe disabled in the meantime? It’s kind of annoying that the tx-robot keeps pushing broken translation files to the repository.


I disabled the job for now - sorry for the trouble.


So what’s going on with this issue? I noticed that tx-robot has again started pushing broken changes to the Music app repository :(.


@tboerger @DeepDiver1975 Any update? As stated before, the system doesn’t have to be completely automatic if that causes any difficulties. For example, I would be perfectly happy if Transifex could just use the music.pot which I have pushed to git remote. The tx-robot doesn’t need to create music.pot on its own and it doesn’t need to push anything to git; it’s easy enough for me to pull the latest translations from Transifex when making a new application release.


Sorry, I totally missed this thread. In the meantime the job had been active again. I have to remove it for now and I have to discuss if we can unify the process across all apps because currently most apps are built in the same way, but without any make task.


Maybe you want to subscribe to https://github.com/owncloud/user_management/pull/68 to follow the progress for some unification of the sync process.