ownCloud name at the top of the webpage won't change

I have ownCloud 10.0.3 installed on ubuntu. I have created my own theme, copied from the example and edited the defaults.php file to CompanyCloud. But, the header of the web interface still shows ownCloud. Is there a way to change this? We are looking at using it to send large video files to external clients and would like to brand it a bit more.


Hi there,

Can you take a screenshot?

The wording to the right of the logo.

Did you have a look at the docs?


Yes. I've copied the theme-example folder to a new theme-new folder. Changed the defaults.php file to the required names. But, it still shows the name as in the screenshot.

Okay, apparently this was a bug, and is fixed. You can either apply this pull request as a patch or use 10.0.2.