Owncloud+Nginx file upload

I am using latest OwnCloud 9.1.3 and Nginx web server. Everything works very well, but I have little trouble with uploading large files. My limit for file size is 2GB. When I start upload let say 1GB file, it starts continuously uploading. But at the end, file progress stuck on 99% for a few minutes.
I explore, what happened in system and found, that Nginx saving uploaded files to the own cache folder and after this copy the file to the right location (owncloud/data/userprofile/files/*). Is it some possibility how to turn off the upload cache?

Thank you

See https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/configuration_files/big_file_upload_configuration.html#configuring-your-web-server

You probably need to set fastcgi_request_buffering off; in your nginx config.

I read this document before and tried this settings. Unfortunately didn't work. Nginx still use upload cache for every file uploaded via web interface.

Mhhh, then maybe get in touch with the support of nginx listed here: https://www.nginx.com/support/

They might have more knowledge about the configuration of nginx and how to configure it in a way that it doesn't show this issue.

Good point, I will try nginx support and we will see.
I hope, that they didn't say, that is problem with OwnCloud.

Unfortunately, nginx support says, that is problem with OwnCloud, it is like magic circle :smile:
Does anybody use nginx like web server for owncloud?