OwnCloud not downloading files that Google Drive says is a virus

It would appear that OwnCloud Desktop client doesn’t download files that Google Drive says is a virus.
This is either intended behaviour of OwnCloud, or there isn’t a condition in the client to accept Google’s different response.

E.G. On the browser if I download the file that failed on the client, I get this from Google:

Perhaps the client can’t handle this properly?

I know for a fact that this is a false positive, and I have my own antivirus, so I need OwnCloud to handle this properly and still download the file.


I’m not sure but if there is anything which needs to be fixed / handled differently by ownCloud then i think it could be better to notify the ownCloud team at https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues because they could easily miss it when posted here. :frowning_face:

I’ve copied over the issue on GitHub for the developers. Maybe they’ll see it there

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@voarsh how does your setup look like? Where is your file stored? ownCloud storage, or a Google Drive that you mounted in your ownCloud. (you didn’t provide steps to reproduce)

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In case you access mounted Google Drive, the server-side Google Drive integration needs to be improved.

Files identified as abusive (malware, etc.) are only downloadable by the owner. Additionally, the query parameter acknowledgeAbuse=true must be included to indicate that the user has acknowledged the risk of downloading potential malware. Your application should interactively warn the user before using this query parameter.

(Source: https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/manage-downloads#download_a_file_stored_on_google_drive)

I don’t think the desktop sync client can fix it, when the Google Drive API prevents it.

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My setup:
add a folder that already exists on Google Drive. Mark as virtual file/folder.
Sync/free up space. Owncloud errors (500 server internal error) in files Google Drive says is a virus.

Basically it manages to upload the files but not download because of Google Drive

In this case I am the owner, and logged in as the owner on o2Auth on OwnCloud

OwnCloud desktop client must pass along the acknowledgment of the abuse (the flag you mentioned) to download the files. As you say. Only the owner, and I am the owner.

I assume the server-side Google Drive integration does not set the query parameter acknowledgeAbuse=true. You’d need to check in the gdrive repo: https://github.com/owncloud/files_external_gdrive

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I appreciate the info, but I am not a developer so I won’t be poking around the OwnCloud Google Drive repository for the plugin/backend.
This issue obviously needs INPUT from the dev team, whether they will or not is the main question, and will they fix it… is out of my control.

I DO know that http://odrive.com/ is a good, paid alternative and unfortunately due to THIS issue amongst some smaller niggles with how the syncing works I will have to turn towards a premium sync agent/client.


i think what @michaelstingl had tried to say is that the issue could be reported there (instead at the client issue tracker i had wrongly redirected you :frowning_face:).

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