Owncloud not working

Hi there people.
I wanted to install owncloud on my Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.
Now, I installed all the files (for Ubuntu 16.04 of course), which were presented on this page:

As I finished installing the files, I wanted to open my owncloud, after that this error occurred:

Not Found

The requested URL /owncloud was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

I tried to access in my LocalNet, because therefore, I don't have to open a Port.

I appreciate every tip you can give me.

Greetings from Switzerland.

(Sorry, if I broke any rules of your forums, I haven't read them, which I'm going to do now.)


I would recommend you to read the ownCloud documentation and figure out what you are missing.


my guess is that you are missing some of this:


but I could be wrong

thanks your advice, I could figure out what I was missing. I was missing the LAMP-Server.
But now, an other Problem occured. When I try to connect to my Server, the ownCloud software for Windows sais:
"No connection to ownCloud on Server answered with "404 Not Found" on "PROPFIND".

I used to watch some tutorials, but haven't found the problem.

I hope you can help me further.

Greeting from Switzerland.

I would check your certificates for SSL.

You are trying to access ownCloud via https, but the error message is http.

SSL it’s not related.
The official webdav acces is :
But the connection access is hard coded and i can find a config file to modify the thing.

I don’t think you can modify that url.

Is it possible that your owncloud is installed in vs

The client tries to connect to /remote.php/webdav while your owncloud might be installed in /owncloud/remote.php/webdav

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