Owncloud on cent os6.9 and office online

Hello there
do you know is possible to install office onligne to owncloud on server with cent os 6.9
i ve try but is not possible
i ve a lot of error
can you give me a proper knowledgebase article which describes the exact steps to integrate the collabora with LibreOffice in CentOS 6 environment so that we can check this further if is possible
i ve schearch but is for the cent os 7.1 or 7.2
please help me is very important from me :wink:
thanks again

nobody for help me ??


I suppose this forum is for questions regarding owncloud. You want to know how to install collabora, right?

I would suggest that you try the owncloud appliance, it has a collabora connector and univention provides a collabora server. So you can use collabora with owncloud, and need no further steps.

You can find the appliance here:


Just select the Appliance tab and you can download the appliance.

Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:

Hello Dmitry
thanks for your reply
i have owncloud install on my server
with cent os 6.9 but when i try to install office libre for works in owncloud is not possible
appears is for cent os 7 and none 6.9 on the tuto.
if you want the log for the..
i ve contact admin ahead a specialist but he say me on this server on cvent os6.9 is not possible to install office online ..
i dont understand why...
i ve try 30day the pro version and he works
now on the new owncloud he have desdkop for editing and wrote office files..
all my cloud works fine just this he dont works
thanks for your help

I don't think you can integrate libre office with ownCloud. You can upload and sync office documents but to edit them in owncloud you need collabora.

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hello threre
yes sure with personal.onlyoffice
now is good from me
sorry for the times to reply you