OwnCloud on Ubuntu - VPN Prevents Remote Connection


First things first, I'm a complete novice with all of this so please excuse my inexperience.

I followed instructions for installing and configuring Ubuntu 16.04, OwnCloud 9 and Apache on my N54L server. I've also set up SSL. Everything works fine when I access the cloud on my Android app, i.e. I can download/upload files. However, I then installed an OpenVPN service on my Ubuntu server (OpenVPN through my hired seedbox from FeralHosting) as I wanted to encrypt all of my traffic. Obviously this has given my server a different external IP address. When I try to create a new account in the OwnCloud Android app using the VPN's external IP address on my Ubuntu server, I get 'Malformed server configuration'.

I'd really like to keep my VPN going so I was wondering if there's something that I need to configure, or is it an issue with me using a seedbox provider as the VPN source? Perhaps I should use a standard VPN service?

Any help, preferably in layman's terms if possible, would be greatly appreciated.


SSL will already encrypt you traffic to owncloud. What do you do with this OpenVPN, do you want to put ownCloud behind this VPN? Or is this just an independent service you want to install on your server?