Owncloud on Windows Server Sync issues when user not logged on

Hi guys,
Trying to get Owncloud working on my Windows Server. It works well with the client until the administrator logs off. Sync stops and I need to be able to have it sync even when the user is not logged on.
Is it possible to add it as a service? or a script to add it to the task scheduler?

Thanks in advance.


Maybe this previous discussion helps:
Desktop Client: Run as a Windows Service · Issue #1581 · owncloud/client · GitHub

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Hi michael thanks for the quick reply. I looked into the link on the article and it doesn’t exist anymore. Looking around for answers because I have a production server that I want to have files synced to owncloud even with the admin logged off and I’m not being able to find an answer.
Another way is to setup and owncloudcmd as a task scheduler but don’t even know how to get the correct format to use to do a single sync. I could run it every minute but how do I get the correct format my desktop client is using. The best way would be the service approach but can’t find a current solution around.

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