OwnCloud.online marketplace

I am new With ownCloud. Because i have no experience With setting up my own cloud server i used the ownCloud.online edition . But at the setup there does not seem to be an marketplace button which I was expecting to be there. Can anyone help me With that because for my Usage i need that use for my personal agenda and taskslists. And Maybe Some other options in the future. Of is this not optional with the ownCloud.online edition?

I don’t know ownCloud.online edition. But I’m afraid, such kind of services don’t allow regular users installing apps individually. Thus there might be no marketplace enabled for you.

BTW, access to marketplace is in the main menu rather than in setup. Maybe you better ask the support of ownCloud.online.

EDIT: Oops, just saw that this is related with ownCloud GmbH…

Hi @Sjaak,
as @alfredb alredy mentioned we do not offer the individual installation of apps in ownCloud.online instances. As our goal is to provide the highest data protection and privacy custom apps would be a possible security thread.
If you have any further questions please feel free to send an email to info@owncloud.online. My team I me are always at your service.

Best regards

Florian Lenz
Product Manager ownCloud.online