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I registered yesterday (September 21) for Owncloud Online, entered my company’s credit card information, and completed the signup process. I received an invoice stating they charged my credit card, but I have not received any login information, URL, etc about our account with this service.
Before this, I signed up for a trial September 9 with my own credit card, and then cancelled it September 20 before my personal card was charged.
I emailed the info@owncloudonline.com twice now, with no answer. I tried to make a portal.owncloud.com account, and it said it would email me, but I never received that email either.
I have been checking my Spam filter for messages and nothing is showing up there.

Is there someone at OwnCloud that can help me out with this to get my account up and running?

I’m also tagging @rkaussow @jnweiger because they have been active in this forum more recently that OC-Florian and hodyroff

Sorry for the delay. Even if I can not help directly on this topic, I have forwarded it to the responsible team again and someone will get in touch with you soon. Hope that helps.

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Thank you very much Robert!!

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