Owncloud - Openstack Swift - Keystone Api V3

Hi People

Im running OC Server 9.1 and i want to connect it to my object storage server. The thing is im runnig openstack mitaka and the keystone version supports V3. The OC how to connect to object storage sample shows that is using V2. Please see bellow:

'objectstore' => array(
'class' => 'OC\Files\ObjectStore\Swift',
'arguments' => array(
'username' => 'swift',
'password' => 'xxx',
'container' => 'MyCloud',
'autocreate' => true,
'region' => 'RegionOne',
'url' => 'http://X.X.X.X:5000/v2.0',
'tenantName' => 'swift',
'serviceName' => 'swift',
'urlType' => 'internal'

owncloud.log shows

{"reqId":"WFlLP0XC6WlSy28iFBjtogAAAAU","remoteAddr":"X.X.X.X","app":"objectstore","message":"Could not create object: Client error response\n[status code] 401\n[reason phrase] Unauthorized\n[url] http:\/\/X.X.X.X:5000\/v2.0\/tokens","level":3,"time":"2016-12-20T15:16:15+00:00","method":"POST","url":"\/owncloud\/index.php\/apps\/files\/ajax\/upload.php","user":"admin"}

And my object server log

2016-12-20 11:16:16.054 5139 INFO keystone.common.wsgi [req-ec3debfd-9a8f-4eff-b363-402f7d617aa1 - - - - -] POST http://X.X.X.X:5000/v2.0/tokens
2016-12-20 11:16:16.139 5139 WARNING keystone.common.wsgi [req-ec3debfd-9a8f-4eff-b363-402f7d617aa1 - - - - -] Authorization failed. The request you have made requires authentication. from X.X.X.X

Is there any way to connect OC server using an Keystone V3 API authenthication?

Thanks in advance.


Can someone help me please with this post ?


"Keystone v2". So you either will need to use that, or program the V3 support ... Likely this will not be done by ownCloud Company developers, soon as customers seem to prefer S3 currently ... but I am sure they will be happy to look at PRs when they come.

Thanks for response Hodyroff. Owncloud should be think about this development because "Openstack Keystone V2" is not supported anymore since 2 releases ago.