Owncloud .ORG Feature List?


You have this really pretty page of endless scrolling for “features” that is kind of a pain and doesn’t tell me much.

Do you have a dry list of features like this.

This page is ok but still endless scrolling.

You are obviously marketing to none tech people. I don’t want fancy scrolling. I want to scan and see quickly that you have all of the requirements my client is looking for.

My assessment of your product is that its way more of a hassle than I want to mess with for what the client will use it for. BUT that’s because your site is so complicated I can’t get a good snap shot of what’s included. And so if you can’t market this properly I wonder what else you’ve missed…


Hi graftedin,

thank you for your feedback. We know that this page isn’t ideal and we are planning a complete re-design, layout- and content-wise.
As you pointed out, the information on owncloud.com is focused on non-tech people while owncloud.org is intended to address more tech-interested people. This focusing should be maintained but definitely improved.
If you have any specific questions or miss specific information please feel free to contact me anytime: florian@owncloud.com
I’ll be more than happy to help you.