OWNCLOUD outgoing traffic at 1.6Gb and CPU load


I am experiencing with a high CPU load and going out traffic and causing the server to slow down.

CPU load is reaching 35% and out-going traffic reaching to 1.6Gb. I have not share this owncloud server that I set-up except for a few people.

Any idea why it acts this way? it’s been doing this for 2 days now.


i think you could some linux tools like ntop or other network debugging tools like tcpdump/tshark which could help you to identify where this traffic is coming from and where it is going to.

I would start with asking that “few people”, what they are doing. :wink:

actually none they say. it’s weekend and eveyone else went to their home. no work.

is it possible for a memcached to send and receive to it self? I am getting udp connection like this

udp 2304 2304* 291/memcached


maybe your server got hacked and/or your memcached is taking part in https://blog.cloudflare.com/memcrashed-major-amplification-attacks-from-port-11211/ ?