Owncloud ? owncloud-files?

Centos7 / apache 2.4.6 / php 7.1.1 / mariadb 10

I'm trying to install owncloud ...
What is the difference between owncloud and owncloud-files?
If you try to install owncloud, dependency errors will continue to ...
Is there a problem installing owncloud-files?

Which version are you trying to install? Recommend owncloud-files as you should setup the other parts of your stack on your own. oC 9.1 does not support PHP 7.1. oC 10.0 does ... but should only deliver owncloud-files to you.

Thank you.
I am going to install Owncloud 10 version.
And DB will use mariaDB.
Is it ok to install owncloud-files?

Yes. LDAP Module is not available, yet. Feedback about ownCloud X very welcome!

The documentation about the package installation at [1] explains the differences between these packages.

[1] https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/installation/linux_installation.html