Owncloud prevent disc spindown

Hi all,
i have set up OwnCloud a long time ago, and every thing runs smooth. The OwnCloud installation is on a another harddrive than my data. Until now i was able to spin down my data drives. But now OwnCloud prevent the spin down of the drives by the cron job i think. Every 15 min. i can see a little access in the report screen for the drives inside freenas gui (see screenshot attached).

Does anyone know what data will be writen from the cron job of OwnCloud to the data drives and how i can fix this issue?

Im running FreeNAS-9.10.1 (d989edd) and owncloud 9.1.0 (stable)

Thanks for any reply and for your help



there might be some tools available on command line which helps you to identify what is causing this.

Ok, a little more information would be helpful :slight_smile:

I would try to move the logfile out of the data-folder (config/config.php):

 * Log file path for the ownCloud logging type.
 * Defaults to ``[datadirectory]/owncloud.log``
'logfile' => '/var/log/owncloud.log',

The logfile is wirtte quite regularly. External storages can be a reason or clients connected to the server. You can do:

  • like RealRancor said, use a tool to identify open files (lsof might be a good starting point)
  • Change the cron-interval. 15 min is a default value for most installations. If you don't have a lot of activity, it shouldn't be a problem to increase it to 30-60 min. Or only use the 15min-interval during office hours.

Thank you very much for your answer, I haver set the path like you pointed to me. When I take a look into /var/log after I have made the changes, I cant find the file OwnCloud.log.

Can you help again please.

Thanks again for any advice, and sorry for being an noob :slight_smile:

You probably need to create it the first time manually:

touch /var/www/owncloud.log
chown apacheuser /var/www/owncloud.log

apacheuser is the name for the apache user, not sure what that is on freenas www or httpd?