ownCloud Providers


I'm trying to get my cloud hosting service listed on the ownCloud providers page, but have not been successful so far. What I have tried is:

  1. Submitting the ownCloud providers request form. This asks you to wait 4 weeks for a response.

  2. After 4 weeks, replying the the original confirmation email, which went to a personal inbox at ownCloud.

  3. Sending a tweet to @ownClouders, letting them know that there is a pending application.

  4. Emailing sales at owncloud.com, asking if they could inform someone at owncloud.org that there was an application waiting to be processed.

  5. Emailing the 'website' mailing list, informing them of the problem (this mailing list has subsequently been deleted).

  6. Emailing the 'Devel' mailing list, informing them of the problem. No response has been received so far.

Now I'm trying the ownCloud forums, as there don't seem to be many more places to try. Can someone try looking into my request please?


The easiest way is probably to create a Pull Request on google like e.g. [1] to get it included.


Hey Terry,

could you please give me the approximate date of your provider request and your company name?

With this information I will be able to locate your request and take care of the necessary steps to list you as a Community Provider.


@TobiH_ownCloud, I've just sent you a private message.

Cloudamo is offering hosting solution for ownCloud for some time now, over 5 years.

More details and offer on our site. Just to note support, install, migration to us, SSL and cPanel all are free.