Owncloud reports for TASKS




I would like to create some reports on TASKS, i.e. count how many TASKS are open, how many are closed and the ability to print all (selected or by timerange) TASKS into a document to generate a report. The prupose is to have an overview of all tasts.
Is there a tool that could do that or a way to handle this? I could write some code as well (would prefer to have a tool already created :wink: )
I'm using owncloud 9.1

Any suggestion would be really appreciated!





there is only the "Tasks" app being a "frontend" for the tasks handled via CalDAV:


If that app doesn't provide what you're looking for you have some possibilities:

  • Create a feature request at the issue tracker of the tasks app for this functionality: https://github.com/owncloud/tasks/issues
  • Implement that functionality on your own within the task app and submit it into the codebase of the app at https://github.com/owncloud/tasks/issues
  • Write an own tool / app providing this functionality (could be an oC app or an external tool just using whats provided in the database)


Hello @RealRancor, thank you for your answer.
I'll ask the feature request as well try to implement by myself.
BTW, do you know how I can query those informations? Apart from handle the data (I could do it later), I've seen the calendar objects (which should contain the tasks) are not simple text records but blob-data.
Or I'm looking in the wrong place :slight_smile:
If the tasks would be simple records, all that would be easier.

Thanks for the help!