Owncloud running on the Univention VM unable to reset admin password


We have lost our admin password

we’re using the Univention VM with Owncloud,

May we know where to access the occ in order to reset the password?

Thank you for your help

Which admin password are you referring to?

Reset the owncloud admin password by following this documentation The admin accountname used on UCS is owncloud. To access the owncloud container in order to execute the occ command, connect via ssh as root and execute univention-app shell owncloud, and then follow the instructions from the owncloud documentation.

To reset the Administrator account password for the Univention Management Console, connect as root via ssh and execute udm users/user modify --dn=uid=Administrator,cn=users,$(ucr get ldap/base) --set password=[YOURNEWPASSWORD]

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the univention-app shell is exactly what i needed! thank you so much!