Owncloud Scaling with multiple servers: can /var/www/owncloud be shared via NFS?

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we’ve setup OwnCloud Community version 10.4 on a group of Ubuntu 18.04 VM.

Every application server has its own local /var/www/owncloud and we are using the tar.gz to install/deploy Owncloud, the Data folder is shared from an NFS Server on another path.

I’m here to ask you if sharing the /var/www/owncloud between the AS from an NFS Server is a supported configuration, I didn’t found any explicit reference in the documentation til now.

This should avoid the risk of having the /var/www/owncloud out of sync between all the application server.

Is this a good practice for Owncloud with multiple servers?

Thanks in advance.
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As you correctly stated, the minimum setup is to just share the data directory between ownCloud instances.
With the big drawback, like you said as well, that you will have to keep all instances in sync.

I’m not aware that this setup is unsupported, therefore I assume it is supported.

The only drawback I am aware of at the moment of a setup like this, is that PHP needs to load all files via network storage which has an increased latency over local storage.

Otherwise you can also chose to only have the configuration folder on the network storage, or as a final option in between saving everything in NFS, just the apps folder.

All of these solutions always need to be synced accordingly, with the easiest being to just have everything in NFS.

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LTSP pulls a whole linux system over NFS with nice performance. Maybe a auth-sys config may faster than kerberos auth configurations. Therefore there is no reason why this should be not supported.

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