ownCloud Server 10.13.3 released

Today we announce the immediate release of ownCloud Server 10.13.3.
Download is available here: Download Server Packages - ownCloud

Beside a fix related to the previews cleanup job in combination with PostgreSQL database, we have reverted #41014 as it turned out to cause performance problems. Additionally, we have introduced a security fix to ensure that users can only delete their own external storage configurations.

Fix Potential Issue with the Preview Cleanup Job in PostgreSQL

One of the filters of the preview cleanup job requires casting a filename, which is supposed to contain only digits, to an integer. The expected execution of the DB query should filter the results so the condition above should be true, but the DB’s query planner might choose to apply the filters in a different way, so we could potentially cast random strings to integer. In the case of PostgreSQL, the cast function will cause an error if the string can’t be cast to an integer (because it has non-digit chars, for example). This situation is fixed for all the supported DBs, so we don’t require the query planner to execute the query in any particular way. #41051

Revert [#41014] for Performance

The #41014 PR introduced performance problems for large installations. We are therefore reverting that change. #41059

Users Can Only Delete Their Own External Storage Configurations

Ensure that users can only delete their own external storage configurations. #41092

Update config.apps.sample.php

Comments describing the configuration variables related to the Kerberos and Windows Network Drive app are now updated and in sync with published online documentation. #41109

Updated App Versions

Find below a list of updated apps in comparison with the 10.13.2 complete bundle. More information on the changes can be found in the respective changelogs on ownCloud Marketplace.

Known Issues

Since we reverted #41014, upon removing a mount point configuration from the web UI, the occ command files:remove-storage is currently not able to properly find the candidates to delete in case shares have been created for files/folders located on those mountpoints.

For more details, such as other notable changes, please read the full Release Notes :: ownCloud Documentation and our Server Changelog - ownCloud.