ownCloud Server 10.14.0 released

Hi Community,
The following updates and improvements are now available for ownCloud users:

The 10.14.0 release includes several updated apps, here are the highlights:

  • Custom Groups 0.9.0: Marketplace
    Fixes JavaScript function tipsy() in favor of Bootstrap tooltip (Core 10.15.0 will require it).

  • Guests 0.12.4: Marketplace
    Updates AppWhitelist.php, hardens APIs, and respects the usewhitelist flag and default_language for guest invitations.

  • PDF Viewer 1.0.2: Marketplace
    Hardens PDF processing by disabling scripting in PDF viewer:

  • Mail Template Editor 0.5.0: Marketplace
    Decommissions template editor Mail Template Editor and uses theming to customize mail templates.

  • LDAP Integration 0.19.0: Marketplace
    Enables admins to expose businessCategory, employeeType, and employeeNumber to other apps.

  • Impersonate 0.6.0: Marketplace
    Remove the ā€˜Enable only for specific groupsā€™ setting, as ā€˜Impersonate Settingsā€™ provides options for groups admin management.

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