ownCloud Server 10.2.0RC2 is available

ownCloud Server 10.2.0RC2 has been released and contains fixes for issues found during our testing of 10.2.0RC1

Thanks for everyone who contributed to this release !

Please note that with 10.2.0 we’ve switched to using a release branch( release-10.2.0 ).
This means that any changes/fixes for 10.2.0 must be based of this branch and should also target the release branch.


You can download the tarball here:

If you are upgrading manually, please make sure to properly remove the old source code as mentionned in the update instructions


The changelog is available at https://github.com/owncloud/core/blob/release-10.2.0/CHANGELOG.md


Please help testing and report issues.
You can also reach us for feedback or found issues at https://talk.owncloud.com/

Code freeze

The code on the branch release-10.2.0 is frozen. We’ll only accept Pull Requests for critical issues.