Owncloud Server loses and cannot regain network connection; Cannot restart in HyperV


we are running an OwnCloud Server through a Linux Mint Xfce virtual machine, hosted via HyperV on a physical Windows Server 2022 server.

Occasionally the OwnCloud server loses its network connection and cannot regain it at all. The server cannot be reached by any ping - even localhost fails.
When trying to restart the server it gets locked up in the shutdown state. This shutdown never finishes and cannot be forced through HyperV either. A force-kill also has no effect.

The only solution so far is restarting the entire HyperV-Host, which is very undesirable as other critical infrastructure also runs on it.

Is this problem known in any way? We assume there may be certain HyperV settings that might be required for our particular setup to work properly.

The main problem is the non-terminating shutdown state of the OwnCloud Linux Mint server. Is OwnCloud locking up here?

Thanks in advance. If any further information is needed I will see what I can provide.


i think this question is not related to ownCloud itself and i think is better placed on an adequate linux administration support forum:

From what i know ownCloud is just a PHP application and not doing anything about networking, making a complete system unreachable (unless it triggers a bug in PHP completely overloading the whole system) and similar.


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