Owncloud Server Migration - Lost Shared settings

I need to migrate owncloud from one remote server to another. I have done this, and have used the occ sync to sync all the files from the data folder from the previous server. However, upon doing this the files do not sync with the shared settings they previously had. I.E if account A shared an account with account B. On the new server the file will be there for Account A, but will not be there for account B as it is not shared.

Is there anyway to do this without having to reshare every single folder on every account stored on owncloud?

Hi garymagee,

When migrating ownCloud I’d recomment to stick closely to the documentation: https://doc.owncloud.com/server/admin_manual/maintenance/migrating.html

Shares (and lots of more stuff) are only stored in the database, so only copying the files is not sufficent.

Thanks, i did follow this & it was just the shares that didn’t come across so not sure why so not sure why, must have missed something. Will give it another shot.

What command did you use exactly?

When migrating, I would use the following steps:

  1. Turn old server into maintenance mode.
  2. Turn off apache on old server
  3. Take a database backup on the old server
  4. Take a filesystem backup of the old server
  5. Restore the files and the database on the new server.

You need the database because only it contains the sharing information.

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