Owncloud SMTP error


after owncloud upgrade 9.1.2 to 9.1.4 not working SMTP
I give this error:
A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "cuser@email.com" using 0 possible authenticators)

Any solution ?

I use:
Ubuntu server 16.04.2
PHP version 7.1.2
Apache 2.4.25

Problems with smtp and gmail

If something like this is happening after an update (like from 9.1.2 to 9.1.4) without any changes to the main infrastructure / setup then please always report it directly to the developers at the bugtracker -> https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues


okey..many thanks.


Oh, sorry. I've just noticed:

ownCloud 9.1.x is not compatible with PHP 7.1. How did you managed to get this running? Only ownCloud 10 coming in a few weeks will be compatible with PHP 7.1


Sorry, i use PHP 5
Nextcloud using PHP 7.1.2 :slight_smile:


ref: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/27325