Owncloud Storage 22Gb limit (UCS+WIN10)

Hello, for some reason I have a storage limit (22.7 Gb) in Owncloud account running on VM:

Increasing the storage in Virtual Media Manager does not help:

I contacted Univention and they redirected me to Ownclowd. Can someone help?

On the Univention system can you run:

# this shows the size of the disks as recognized by the linux system
df -h
# this will show the size of the filesystems

You will most likely have to resize some partition and then resize the filesystem on it.

You could alternatively also create a new partition, migrate the ownCloud docker container data onto it and mount it in the system.
This would have the advantage that the root partition is separate from your data partition, and you can in the future resize those disks easier should the need arise again.

There are literally a bazillion guides out there on the internet on how to resize the disk of a VM. Take a backup and try it out. Worst case, revert to your backup.

Sorry for newbie question, where to run these commands in UCS?

You have to log in via SSH.

For newbies like me, this is a video how to extend storage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6nNBRqVElU&list=PLA5PKY9xAZEBtLpKq7X_4tnBKg_pZD1et&index=6&t=1s&ab_channel=ownCloud

to type commands, press any key in the UCS window, login with password and (not sure if that is necessary) use sudo su command

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