ownCloud sync - constantly stopping

Expected behaviour

the desktop app Should be synching without prompting for password, this is what the user said:

Hi guys,

*I’ve noticed in the past two months that my ownCloud sync is just stopping and when I try to troubleshoot it it’s asking me to authorize it in the browser. I worked on 12/3 and this is when we discovered that it was happening. *

So, I noticed on Monday that it had stopped again so I re-authorized it on Monday and just noticed that it stopped again and had to do it today …

Actual behavior

Still stopping syncing and is prompting for “authorize”

Steps to reproduce

Can’t reproduce it, that’s the weirdest part, is the only user complaining about that, is behaving as if she has 2FA activated but she hasn’t and no other user, besides we the sys admins, has it.

I really appreciate all your help, she is one of the user that most uses Owncloud, We need to resolve ASAP.

Thanks in advance!