ownCloud Sync - Move folder don't work



HI all,

I'm just install ownCloud 9.1 on my debian server, with LDAP Authentication and SMB/CIFS external storage.
This work as well.
I'm use the Windows Client to sync this external storage.
Upload/Download files are perfectly working.
but, if I move a folder on my PC, ownCloud Sync show the change, but the server is not up to date (folder is not move).
If I put a file in this folder (on the server), the files is downloaded correctly and put in the folder.


Local Folder c:\ownCloud\mydata\mytest\
Remote Folder : mydata\mytest

Locally I create a new folder : c:\ownCLoud\mydata\mysubfolder
Remotely, the folder is created.

Locally, I move the mytest folder to mysubfolder, so the local folder is like c:\ownCloud\mydata\mysubfolder\mytest.
ownCloud Sync show sync is correct.
but Remotly, the folder stay mydata\mytest and is not moved into mysubfolder.

If I put a file in the mytest folder on the client so path is c:\ownCloud\mydata\mysubfolder\mytest\mydocument.txt
the files is upload on the server in the path mydata\mytest\mydocument.txt

Thanks for help,


Please, up !