OwnCloud Sync Problems



Dears,This is Pasquale from Wikimedia IT.
This ticket because we have
problems in some of our PC with sync of documents in your OwnCloud.
Specifically, we work in a coworking, and all of our PCs (with Ubuntu
15.10 OS) are connected to the same internet network. It happens,
however, that some of our computers have errors with synch: in fact, the
ownCloud icon has a red X or users are unable to access their own and
have three dots near the icon, and even if they load their documents,
the rest of the group does not see them.

We currently have problems with OwnCloud on 3 PCs.1) For the
first PC, for most of the PDF, clicking on it will show the red alert
(for some - loaded by the user - the problem does not exist).

When the user click on download instead appears the message "File not found."

There is also a synchronization problem: the user can not use owncloud desktop.2) for the second one, basically the user has troubles with the synchronization, both desktop and browser.


In the attached screenshot you see the message the user get when
consulting OwnCloud from browser Firefox (see: erroreowncloud.png).

By accessing the "Personal" area on my profile the user has also noticed
that the "Basic encryption module ownCloud" area is different from
other colleagues (see: cifratura.png) and if the user try to insert my
old password and the new, it gives error and tells that the new password
is incorrect (that is strange because it is the one the user logged in

Also, if the user try to download a file (from browser), OwnCloud
generates the message in the screenshot attached (see: scaricamento file
da client.png).


Even if sometimes the icon on the top right has the green check mark,
the user noticed that often in the folders the user can't see all the
files that other colleagues share, and they can't see what the user
share on OwnCloud.3) for the third PC, sometimes during the day there are login problems and can not synchronize data.I am at disposal if you need further information,

Best regards,Pasquale


ownCloud Desktop Client and ownCloud Server version? Ideally you would be on 2.3.1 and 9.1.5.


@Pasq87 We'd need more info :slight_smile: The screenshots don't seem to appear here. Also log files would be good.
Are you on the latest server 9.1 +client versions?


our Desktop version is:
Versione 2.2.4+dfsg-2ubuntu2. Per ulteriori informazioni, visita "packages.debian.org/owncloud-client"

Thanks for your help!


our version is:
Versione 2.2.4+dfsg-2ubuntu2. Per ulteriori informazioni, visita "packages.debian.org/owncloud-client"

sorry for the screenshots, I attached them in this reply :slight_smile:








2.2.4 is not the current one :slight_smile:

My italian is not very good, but it looks like the infamous "Connection Closed" issue with older Qt versions.

The packages from https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=isv%3AownCloud%3Adevel%3AQt562&package=owncloud-client might work better?

As for the errors you see in the webinterface: You need to contact the ownCUBE support. This is the ownCLOUD community. As far as I remember, ownCUBE did some modifications to ownCloud and changes in their webserver config which might make issues. (At least this was the case in the past)


Adding to this owncoube.com is also running ownCloud 9.1.3 which is also not current.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

We're try to install new packages.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

We're try to install new packages. We hope to resolve the problems :wink: