OwnCloud tags in Amazon S3

Been playing with ownCloud docker container and have Amazon S3 connected as remote storage. Every file I upload is “immediately” shown in my S3 bucket. I have few questions on using S3 in this way.

  • Can I tag files in ownCloud and have that tag show in S3. In this way I could automatically move files to Deep archive based on the tag.
  • Can I tag a directory and push that tag to all files in the subdirectory? (I noticed my bucket doesn’t show subdirectories on the AWS website)
  • If I can’t use ownCloud tags, can I tag files in S3 with S3 tags without breaking stuff? (I read I should not let any other program touch the files)
  • If all of the above is not possible, can I attach more S3 buckets in ownCloud? In that way I could just make one bucket become deep storage.


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