Owncloud timeout

Hello Team,

I need help with my owncloud. It started acting up recently. I am not good at linux so I will need some great support. The owncloud server keeps timing out on making some requests on the web page. Users can log in successfully but access to some folders and tabs is the problem. When they try to access, the page pops an error “Problem loading page, reloading in 5 seconds” The server then times out and it is unreachable for about 10 minutes then it the session is restored. Any quick help will highly be appreciated.

Owncloud version is 9.1.5
OS Ubuntu 16.04.6
Php Version 7.0.33
WebServer Apache2

I don’t really have anything to offer you toward immediately troubleshooting your situation, but you might want to remove the owncloud.org category which is for discussions about the organization’s website, and instead place this request into the server category.

Your server version is also unsupported, as well as lagging behind for version 9.x as well. I don’t expect an upgrade to address your issue, but it would probably worth putting some upgrades on your near roadmap.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Category is changed to server now.