Owncloud took over localhost

I install apache2 and mysql and phpmyadmin set by set. I was able to access them after install. Once I installed owncloud I can not access them anymore. All I get is the background for owncloud welcome screen and

File not found

The specified document has not been found on the server.

You can click here to return to ownCloud.

thank you.


can you tell me how you installed ownCloud, what Version, and what setup are you running?

Ubuntu 16.04 Lts
I installed using terminal. I thought I did everything right.

When I go to http://localhost it goes to owncloud. But I can't get to http://localhost/phpmyadmin it goes to an owncloud background and gives me a message and a link to go back to the main login page to owncloud. I actually came across anything problem now too. With trying to setup ask now everything is broken. Http://localhost says unable to connect.
I did as the instructions said on owncloud but does seem to work.

What instructions were you following?
Did you set a redirect and https?

The ones on owncloud's website. I was trying to set up https. This happen before that. Not on my computer next time I am, I will send the config file and the apache files.